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Our Mission

Provoking change through eco-environmental awareness. Supporting underrepresented communities, by creating affordable housing, health (mental and physical) care and educational programming. While establishing resiliency through our communities and empowering love.

Our Vision

Help keep the esthetics and livelihood of the communities vibrant. To grow with the generations to come and provide an everlasting experience to all involved.  By providing services that touch all walks of life.

Our Story

We help, love and grow together

The struggle of a single mother, not by choice but Gods will. Knowing her children needed development into young men that she could not provide being a woman. As she attempted to help herself mentally with AM walks & cleaning every environment where she resided, she knew she had to do something to help both her young gentlemen and Mother Nature. Being the steward that heart and soul has guided her to be, her road joined paths with a man of like minds & similar missions & A Loving Space Foundation was born.

We are determined to learn from all walks of life as we help, grow and learn together. There is so much for all of us to continue to learn even as adults, we learn from our youth. We are never too old or too young to help someone in need mentally, physically, financially, spiritually, athletically, and the list goes on. We provide programs to help the Youth grow into adults that will some day help the generations after them. We are love and we will empower that in our Loving Space.

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