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Our Story

The Beginning

We grew from a place of struggle, homelessness, despair, trials, shelters, and over all truth. Love was all one had to keep going.  Growing up in Wyandot County Tamara & Jae shared times of similar upbringings and interests. Both loving Captain Planet as a child, cleaning the Planet and community is a no brainer. Families needing the pantries, relying on shelters for nightly comfort, attempting to comprehend as a child "Why do I have to go through this?". Your world continues to evolve as you grow but the despair continues to cloud your life.

Flower Shadow
Flower Shadow

The Process

One jumping from school to school and one with stationary disfunction, their teachings and lessons from loved ones carry very similar traits. Tough Love was the motto in both homes. Rising above the statics they both concentrated on doing for self as they reach adulthood. As entrepreneurship fumble for both, there was no stopping them. Stepping back, focusing on themselves and their families they truly found what the ultimate mission shall be.

The Magnet Meet

Both having a love for basketball, the Universe intertwined their paths one day. Tamara running score table for her sons teams. Jae spots her at a facility he would never find himself in but he happened to be there that special day. Neither one of them spoke a word to each other. Through a mutual connections they meet one week later to have a meeting about nonprofits they have been wanting to start for years, but haven't found the correct likeminded people. The comfort and connection was so real that Tamara cried about how passionated she was about her mission in front of Jae in their first meeting. From that day forth they have been inseparable accomplishing the ultimate, identical mission. Now we have A Loving Space.

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