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Creating Our-tory!!

March 25th, 2023 A Loving Space basketball team LBL went out and put a different twist on team bonding. Ms. Tam gathered all the boys together and we went out and cleaned the Historical Quindaro and Western University Ruins. As we cleaned the boys learned about some of the history of where they stood. It sadden us to know that alot of the teammates did not know what the Underground Railroad was. The teammates went deep down where the HBCU Western University use to stand. Although it rained the night before, these young men did not complain about the mud, water ect. They were truly excited to learn and understand that there is history here for us.

We will continue to clean the Ruins with more in depth tours and conversations with our boys. If you would like to join in please RSVP below and help create Our-tory. You don't have to be loud to make a difference, you just have to be determined. Here we love one planet at a time! Please be sure to read the Terms and Conditions and the Love Consent when you RSVP. You are totally appreciated here, it takes a village and if yours is not strong enough for you add to it. We should be here to help each other not hurt each other.

Watch the short of Ms. Tam explaining the "Love Consent".

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