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Greetings Beautiful Planets!!

Here at A Loving Space we are all Micro Universes so we are all our own Mini Planets. We Love One Planet At A Time! Thank you for being here and getting involved with such an amazing cause. Our love for our world is filled with joy, wonder, discernment, and heartfelt understanding. By providing what is needed and what is loved, we here at ALSF want to set a standard of phenomenal development. It is all of our jobs to make sure our environment stays clean, our people stay educated, and our children stay active. We want to thank you for your continued support and volunteering, because none of this work could be properly done without you. Please be sure to browse the site and give in any way, shape or form. Even if its just sharing our website with someone you know would love to be here. We thank all of you for simply existing and being unapologetically YOU!!

Please be sure to check back here for events, fundraisers, Wyandot County Awareness, and much more. We offer love in every space, come love with us!

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