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Is Redlining your way of thinking?!

Back in the 1930's redlining was established, making historical property value discrimination causing our neighborhoods to suffer from inadequate healthcare and environmental health injustice. To this present day Wyandot County is still suffering from Redlining and struggling to get equity to surround our neighborhoods. If you pay close attention to the maps the school district USD 500 redlining is in the shape of a gun, which is very alarming and needs awareness. Our population in Wyandot County is 170,229 with 39.9% being improvised whites , 29.7% Hispanics, 20.3% blacks (

Where do you fit in this category? Are you aware that you are in a community that suffers from this type of injustice? Where is the equality (the state of being equal, especially in status, rights and opportunities) and equity (the quality of being fair and impartial) for our neighborhoods compared to those in other surrounding counties? Why is this important to environmental justice and keeping our neighborhoods clean?

  • You fit in this category because you are Wyandotte.

  • You feel the injustice everyday you wake up and feel depressed cause no one is listening to your complaints of how your community looks. No one is conserving the county the way you feel it should be protected.

  • Looking at those counties not too far from Wyandotte, they stay clean and no one has to formulate a cleanup group of underrepresented youth to shine light on the matter.

  • Redlining is important to environmental justice because it is one of the number one reasons why environmental justice exists. We get little to no funds to keep our atmospheres heat safe and litter free. With slim green infrastructure in our place of dwelling Wyandotte County is destined for destruction. Homicide is the 9th leading cause of death in 2020 in Wyandotte county and we placed 102 of 105 counties in poor health (community health assessment 2022 report).

The HEAT Report (Health Equity Action Transformation) about Redlining was formulated for how Environmental Factors have a huge impact on health in our communities. Please visit the We Are Wyandotte Site for more info ( Below you will find some links to videos from the CHC (Community Health Council) helping residents become educated on the topics and how they can help their community.

Are you in need? We would like to help!

ALSF has partner with Headliners Barber Academy to put together our first Community Harvest Fest! We are still collecting donations and accepting volunteers if you would like to be a part of an amazing event to the underrepresented community. Click the link below to RSVP for volunteering! Be on the look out for the event flyer come Oct. 1, 2023 but save the date for Oct. 28, 2023!

Join us for our Good Neighbor Week kick off with Livable Neighborhoods! We will be at Klamm Park for our community cleanup! Click the link below to RSVP!


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