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Letting You Know!

Updated: Apr 18

Greetings Family! We have been on an amazing journey of cleaning communities & helping the youth with health, wellness & educational attributes. Our Whine the Dotte Clean Ups have an amazing schedule lined up that we set you join the efforts. Guiding our children in the correct direction is something we always can't do by ourselves, it takes a village. We are proud to say that we offer that village & anyone willing to take on the task of grooming amazing human beings. If you know any youth or young adults looking for community service hours or just a place to go do something heartfelt & phenomenal for the community, please have them click that link below and RSVP to be apart of Our-tory!

If you want some flavor in your life & help an amazing cause while you are at it! Go to ALSF fundraising page with OneHope! With every purchase made 10% of the proceeds will go towards ALSF Whine the Dote Clean Ups. Purchasing tools, supplies & snacks for the crew is apart of what we do! If you can't volunteer please join the efforts by supporting our fundraiser or pass it on to someone you know will love to help & join.

Knowledge is power & learning is your superpower. -- Jim Kwik

We grow with our youth & encourage you to do the same. Everything we teach one of our children we are learning as well. You are never too old to learn something new. We do not know everything. A 50 year old can learn something new from a 10 year old (trust me I see it everyday ☺️). So we have to make sure our youth are engaging in the proper company & sharing the love that they also need themselves. We all need love it conquers everything. We at ALSF set that we see you at one of our scheduled events. Please stay on the look out at our website & social media platforms. If you are wanting to learn more about A Loving Space Foundation please click the link below & RSVP to our informational wine tasting. Where Executive Director Ms. Tam will breakdown the programs & the mission of ALSF, sip some amazing wine with you & grow our community. If you would like to setup a wine tasting for an organization of your choice please contact Ms. Tam for more details.

Loving One Planet At A Time.

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