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Whine the Dotte Clean Ups!

Whine the Dotte Clean Ups!

The time has come for us to give back to Mother Nature and our community. We at A Loving Space Foundation will be out in the fields, cleaning and learning about the Quindaro and Western University Ruins. There, still stands the Vernon School named after William Tecumseh Vernon whom was the president of Western University. The school was for African American students before 1971 when the school was closed and the students were sent to Quindaro Elementary as a part of the integration plan. It was expanded several times, the brick building that still stands was the final structure that built in 1936. There is more information in the audio tour that will be played as we clean the top area from the trash and debris that lays there and disrespects our history and our community. Also at these ruins is where a portion of the underground railroad runs through.

RSVP to come and clean history! Show our community that we care!

After cleaning the Ruins we will need your assistances in going door to door in the community to get petitions signed to start our neighborhood clean ups. Our community is in need of a huge facelift and we are the ones that need to take the first steps to show that we care and are willing to make a change.

We look forward to seeing you there and if not there will be many more to come! Thank you so much! Love one planet at a time!

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