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Whine The Dotte Clean Ups

ALSF will be providing community clean ups along with the community and local residents. With perpetual efforts of moving to the neighboring communities of the parks and facilities in Wyandotte County. We have adopted 8 parks, with plans to adopt more with the Parks and Rec adopt-a-spot program. Fulfilling our mission, we have collected over 18.8 liters of trash in 8 parks and 3 historic landmarks. 

We are also in the PAL (People Against Litter) national directory. If you would like to join other cleanup groups around the world please click the link and jin the wave of volunteers for Mother Nature! 

If you would like to help with funding for supplies and transportation please click the donate link. In the dropdown box click Whine The Dotte Clean Ups. If you would like to volunteer please go to our contact section and we will be glad to have you as a part of our volunteer team. Thank you for all your amazing support.

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